Introduction Of Silk Cotton

Update:04 Nov

  Silk cotton is the silk spit out by silkworms and made into flakes, which are used as fillers for cotton-padded clothes and quilts. Now because it is a natural substance, it is still sought after by people. The scientific name of rayon is viscose staple fiber. A fabric made of viscose fiber spun into yarn is generally called rayon.

  The biggest advantage of jacquard fabric is that it is pure and natural, simple and fashionable; satin jacquard has a better effect than other materials, and the brightening effect on the bedroom is very obvious; the feature is that it retains the unique soft texture of the satin fabric, which is delicate, smooth and glossy. Good, better hand feel; good drape and breathability, high color fastness (yarn dyeing); color and texture are more beautiful and pleasing than pure satin, with more layers and changes; patterns cannot be washed off with water, No matter how many times you wash it, it will always look like new without turning white or gray.

  The main constituent of cotton is cellulose. Cellulose is a natural macromolecular compound and is pure, natural, and healthy. In addition, it contains a small amount of wax, protein, fat, water-soluble substances, and other nutrients, and is the most important textile industry raw material. Cotton fiber has high strength and good heat resistance, second only to hemp; it has a good affinity for dyes, is easy to dye, has a complete chromatogram, and has a brighter color; it is resistant to alkali but not acid, and is resistant to dilute alkali at room temperature. % of caustic soda treatment cotton can get "mercerized" cotton.