The Difference Between Knitted Fabrics And Woven Fabrics

Update:30 Dec

  Knitted and woven fabrics are two of the most common clothing fabrics. Knitted fabric is made by attaching threads to needle-making loops, which are interwoven with other loops to create a piece of fabric. Knitted fabrics are one of the most common fabrics found in everyday clothing.

  It should be noted that knitted fabrics are divided into weft knitted fabrics and warp-knitted fabrics. While both fabrics are made from interwoven yarns, there are some subtle differences in their appearance. Woven fabric is the other most common type of fabric. To easily understand how woven fabrics are made, just think about the methods used to make clothing fabrics hundreds of years ago. Fabric is made by interlacing and overlapping yarns or threads. Imagine the meshing of a screen door or the overlapping pattern of a tennis racket net, then pull those criss-cross patterns tighter and you have fabric!

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