The Role Of Air Layer Fabric

Update:09 Dec

  Air layer fabric is a kind of textile accessory. Pure cotton fabric is soaked in a chemical solution. After soaking, the surface of the fabric is covered with countless extremely fine hairs. These fine hairs can form an extremely thin layer of air on the surface of the fabric. , and another is to splice two different fabrics together, and the gap in the middle is also called the air layer.

  1. The air layer fabric mainly plays a role in keeping warm. Through the structural design, the inner, middle, and outer fabric structures are adopted, so that the fabric forms an air interlayer to keep warm.

  Woven fabrics can adopt a double-layer weave, adding a warp or weft yarn system between inner and outer warp and weft yarns to form a sandwich structure of inner, middle, and outer layers. The middle layer is made of good loft and elasticity. Good weft yarns form a still air layer to keep warm. The most typical example is thermal underwear.

  There can be weft knitting and warp knitting spacer weaves in knitted fabrics. The warp-knitted spacer fabric is on a double-needle bed warp-knitting machine, and the upper and lower surfaces are connected together by spacer yarns to form a sandwich structure. This structure has a large gap between the spacer layers, a strong design, and a large development space.

  2. The air layer fabric will not wrinkle and absorb liquid. The air layer fabric adopts a three-layer structure, leaving a large gap in the middle, and the surface layer is made of pure cotton fabric, which has the effect of absorbing water and locking water.