What Is Air Layer Fabric

Update:18 Nov

  Air layer fabrics in fabrics include polyester, polyester spandex, polyester cotton spandex, etc. It is believed that air layer fabrics will be more and more favored by domestic and foreign consumers. Like sandwich mesh, more products use it. Air layer fabric is a kind of textile accessory. The fabric is soaked in a chemical solution, and after soaking, the surface of the fabric is covered with countless fine hairs. These fine hairs can form a thin layer of air on the surface of the fabric. There is also a kind of two different fabrics sewn together. The gap between the two is also called the air layer.

  Air layer fabrics are generally made of two layers of knitted fabric. In the middle of the special process composite, the middle is not tightly combined with ordinary composite, there will be a space of about 1-2mm. Two pieces of fabric combined with fine velvet, because it has a wider hollow than other composite fabrics, so it is called air layer fabric. The surface of the air layer fabric is not as soft as ordinary knitted fabrics but has a stiff feeling like a coated material, so many people use it to make coats and windbreakers.

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