What Is Cotton Spandex

Update:02 Dec

  Cotton spandex refers to the addition of polyester fiber fabrics to pure cotton fabrics. This is a mixed weaving method, so cotton and spandex fabrics not only have the breathability and water absorption of pure cotton fabrics, but also the wear resistance and wrinkle resistance of polyester fabrics. In addition, cotton fabrics And spandex fabric has great elasticity, which is very suitable for making summer clothes, because the fabric is very easy to clean, whether it is hand-washed, machine-washed, or dry-cleaned, it will not cause any damage to the fabric.

  The fabric of cotton spandex is cotton spandex, and the fabric woven by cotton spandex is soft and elastic, which will obviously improve high comfort. If spandex bare silk is used in combination with high-grade knitted fabrics blended with rayon fibers, the performance of the two fibers can be fully exerted, complementing each other and making the icing on the cake even better. Clothing made of this fabric has many characteristics such as high elasticity, softness, comfort, moisture absorption, breathability, smoothness, and easy care.

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